About the Ramblers

The Ramblers exists to protect the interests of everyone who enjoys walking in the countryside. For over half a century the Ramblers has promoted rambling, protected footpaths, encouraged access to open countryside and defended its natural beauty.

Today the association has over 116,000 members, more than 400 local groups (of which Gedling is one), and more than 88 affiliated clubs and societies.

The Association has a very comprehensive website at www.ramblers.org.uk which embraces member services, membership details, regional information, an on-line accommodation database, discussion forums, young people's Groups pages, details of campaigns and events and much much more.

There is a page of information at www.ramblers.org.uk/volunteer which gives further information, advice and details of the various roles that volunteers may play in supporting the work of the Association.
History of the Gedling Group
The Gedling Group's formation meeting was held at Calverton Library in April 1989. Members of the public attended this meeting in response to an article in the Nottingham Evening Post inviting all those who were interested in keeping local footpaths open. During the first three years of the group's existence, every footpath in the Gedling Area was walked and kept open and in good order. The footpaths prior to the formation of the group were in poor condition but the group re-established them.
The group's website first appeared in 2001 and immediately proved invaluable in communicating changes to the walks programme due to the foot and mouth epidemic current at that time.
Over the years the group has organised many different activities including weekends away, holidays, quizzes, slide shows, skittles evenings, square dances, treasure hunts, coach trips and an Annual Dinner.
On 14th January 2008 the Dukeries Group merged with Gedling Group. The Dukeries Group had existed as a separate group for more than twenty years but at that time they were unable to form a committee and so were unable to continue as a separate group. The name of the Gedling group was changed to 'Gedling and Dukeries Ramblers', the Dukeries members became members of the renamed group and it became the default group for people in the Dukeries catchment area. The new name remained in force until 2017. In 2017 it was decided that the Dukeries catchment area was more logically included within the Mansfield area rather than Gedling and so it was transferred to the Mansfield group and the name reverted back to Gedling Ramblers.
The 20th Anniverary celebrations held on 23rd-26th April 2009 featured a series of walks, a talk, and a fuddle held at Lambley Village Hall. Members who participated in the "A" and "B" walks on the Sunday are pictured below.