Frequently Asked Questions

Gedling? where's Gedling?
Gedling village lies some three miles to the east of Nottingham city centre, and is now partly embraced by the greater Nottingham conurbation. The constituency of Gedling additionally embraces some fine rolling countryside, attractive villages and a length of the River Trent.

...and what/where are the Dukeries?
The Dukeries is a name used since the eighteeth century to describe a large tract of Nottinghamshire, which originally contained the estates of five dukes. It lays to the north of Gedling, and embraces such locations as Rufford Country Park, Clumber Park, Thoresby Hall and Sherwood Forest.

Is walking all that you do?
No. Besides a Social Programme the Group contributes to the more general charitable aims of the Ramblers. These extend to safeguarding access to, and preserving the beauty of, the countryside alongside the preservation of the footpath network. The Ramblers also encourages walking as a health promoting activity in a more general context. People willing to contribute time to these ends are always welcome.

Do I have to join The Ramblers before I can come on a walk?
No, you do not. We would like you to see if you like our company for two or three times (say). If after that you find that you would like to continue, then we would hope, even expect, you to join the Ramblers. There is no charge for the walks.

Do I have to tell anybody in advance that I would like to come?
No, just turn up at the location given in the Walks Programme. It would be helpful if you introduced yourself to the leader, so that you might be appropriately welcomed.

What are the SK numbers listed with each walk, in the Walks' Programme?
These are numbers relating to the Ordnance Survey (OS) National Grid reference system. They serve to pinpoint, in our case the walk starting point, within a 100metre square. The system is quite simple and is explained in the Explorer (1/25000) and Landranger (1/50000) series of OS maps and also on the Ordnance Survey web site (see The National Grid). SK covers an area 100kM square and most of our walks are within it. We might occasionally start in an adjoining area - SJ, say, which is to the west of SK, in which case, of course, the reference becomes SJ xxxxxx.

How do I get to the start of the walk?
We are a bit car orientated, we fear. We have never been very successful with formal car sharing or giving blind lifts, albeit that informal car sharing between people who have developed friendships in the group, is common.

Can I bring my dog?
Normally yes, but it must be kept on a lead and be under control at all times. Any reasonable request of the leader must be complied with. The responsibility for the dog is wholly with the owner. Dogs cannot be brought on coach trips.

How fit do I have to be?
We are not 'hell for leather' walkers but hills, stiles, mud and weather all make a claim on your fitness. If you are unsure it would be best to have a go at a shorter walk or two, to start with. We have started to grade our walks in the 'Walks Programme' in order to give some idea as to their likely challenge, but this can only be a rough guide.

If I come on my own, will I be welcome?
Yes, absolutely.